DJ LIZZ, Eurowitch, Amir

22 June - Kanaal40, Amsterdam
23:00 - €12,50 - Free for members

The all-embracing kanaal40 will come alive with three visionary artists, crafting an unforgettable night on the Saturday, 22nd of June.

Lizz, the Chilean DJ and producer, weaves “perreo del futuro,” a futuristic Latin urban genre, blending trap, reggaeton, and urban Latin sounds. From Santiago’s underground to global acclaim, her artistry has caught the eye of brands and the hearts of fashionistas and trendsetters. Her music, a symphony of boundary-pushing creativity, is celebrated by an all night performance.

Eurowitch, a Queer artist, reshapes reggaeton, dancehall, trap, and baile funk, creating inclusive, euphoric spaces. Their performances, an ode to LGBTQ+ representation, invite all to dance freely, dissolving norms in a rhythmic embrace.

AMIR, with roots in Caribbean and Lebanese traditions, blends dancehall, perreo, and hip-hop with Brazilian funk and afro-maghreb beats. Their sets, a sensory journey, evoke family gatherings where music and joy intertwine, promising to make your hips sway and spirit soar.

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