Deli Girls + Michul Kuun + crat + jujulove

20 July - Garage Noord, Amsterdam
23.00 - €9 - Free for members

Extremely thrilled to welcome back our friends Danny and Tommi. This time around in the fitting Garage Noord: Brooklyn based punk-noise duo Deli Girls. With a brand new tape ‘I Don’t Know How To Be Happy‘ and an updated sound, we have no choice but to take in another left hook. Actually horrifying, while still actuating dance, Deli Girls successfully paint a sonic portrait of the evils of money, sex and roaming around empty streets at night. The epitome of rage. Joining them will be Michul Kuun (aka NAH), a live performance with electronic manipulation of drum sounds, mish-mashing influences from jazz, punk and noise. The night will be completed by sets from DJs crat and jujulove.

Garage Noord photo by Sander van Dalsum en Koen van Bommel.

Deli Girls

Michul Kuun (aka NAH)