14 March - The Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague
19.30 - €12,50 - €15

default den haag presents default#14. The second installment of this season will take place at the Grey Space in the Middle on Thursday the 14th of March.

For this edition, default den haag hosts a special duo performance by Lukas De Clerck and Suzan Peeters, for telescopic Aulos (a reiteration on an ancient Greco-Roman double-reeded instrument) and extended accordion. Luciano Maggiore will present a ‘task-based’ unamplified performance. And lastly, the prolific and renowned Onkyo guitarist Taku Sugimoto will perform his refined and restrained guitar minimalism.

default den haag is a sound series taking place in the Hague, hosting listening events with a focus on experimental music and sound art performances. Follow default on Instagram, or subscribe to their newsletter.

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Taku Sugimoto

Lukas De Clerck

Luciano Maggiore

Suzan Peeters