22 February - The Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague
19.30 - €12,50-€15

default den haag continues their exquisite sound series in 2024. The first installment of the year will take place at the Grey Space in the Middle on Thursday the 22nd of February.

“default#13 presents performances by Jack Callahan and Jeff Witscher, who, known for their far-ranging work under various monikers (die Reihe, Rene Hell), probe with their joint efforts into the purpose and meaning of experimental music and showcase tensions inherent to the communication of ideas. Their previous collaborations shared sensibilities with radio art, A.A. meetings, group therapy sessions, formalist and Fluxus generative poetry experiments, and Q&A formats. at default#13, Callahan and Witscher will present material from their forthcoming record “Music Songs”. Jonáš Gruska, also the founder and main instrument designer of LOM, will furthermore explore unconventional tunings and psychoacoustic properties with his ever-evolving Axis Mundi Sound Distribution System; a modular sculpture designed to emit, reflect and direct (ultra)sonic waves to space from a single axis; distributing sound in egalitarian, circular coverage. The multi-faceted artist Jiyoung Wi and audiovisual artist Concepción Huerta will present a special, first duo performance, both residing in the Hague at the moment, Besides being active performers and interested in manipulating or juxtaposing everyday objects and electronic instruments, they both have released their debut solo LP’s in the beginning of this year.”

default den haag is a sound series taking place in the Hague, hosting listening events with a focus on experimental music and sound art performances. Follow default on Instagram, or subscribe to their newsletter.

You can purchase a ticket here. If your current situation means that you can’t afford that & you would still like to attend, you can mail to and they can sort something out for you.

We’re sorry to say that there are no more free spots available.

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Jack Callahan and Jeff Witscher

Jonáš Gruska

Jiyoung Wi

 Concepción Huerta