Beyond the Black Box Festival Focus

Embellishing February with creativity, Beyond the Black Box pushes the limits of genres while defying the expected definition of performance space. De Brakke Grond will be submerged into hybrid forms of performances, questioning the relationship of space, audiences and disciplines. To wrap our heads around the dazzling program we highlighted a handful of performances that grabbed our attention. However, find the full program here

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Salomé Mooij
Sheltering against the flow: Reconstructie van een schuilplaats

Graduated from RITCS, Brussels, Salomé has was a theatre-maker in residence at De Brakke Ground in November. The artwork is made up entirely from objects found on the streets, she protects them from harmful elements. In Reconstructie van een schuilplaats, Salomé brings this outside world to the inside. Escape from all noise in city. Photo Pedro Morato Gabao.

Vanity of Vanities – Sarah & Charles
The Creative Spa

Information fast food, vanity, fiction and the urge to move. Scroll through a never-ending Instagramfeed activated by their performance entitled The Creative Spa. Belgium duo Sarah & Charles go in search of the ultimate form of surrender. Influenced by social media videos of individuals smoking e-cigarettes, The Creative Spa aims to fog our vision of the world. Here, Sarah & Charles invite you into a wellness centre where you’re allowed to let things be as they are. For a while. Photo by K. Vrancken.

Nazanin Fakoor

Like a rainbow, we are the result of endless reflections. Fakoor’s project is inspired by The Conference of the Birds, a poem dating back to 1177, by Persian poet Farid ud-Din Attar. In Rainbow, a vocal and light installation, she reflects on (national) identity and the demand for that. A post-modern dream deconstructing cultural references and invoking personal reflection. Friday, 7 February & Saturday 8 February. 

Benjamin Vandewalle

Where do I stop and where do you start? If you’re not claustrophobic, step into Benjamin Vandewalle’s mini-black box. A place where everyone is both actor and audience, provoking questions of the self in a very tangible way.

Rita Hoofwijk
Without you

Answering a phone in a garden in Japan, with no one on the other side of the line. But there are words. Words that ere carried by the wind. Are they coming from a different place or are the words merely echoes of the past? An installation about world, in your absence. What remains when everyone is left behind?