In a few days we’ll steer our bikes toward Het Twiske for this year’s Lente Kabinet festivities. To get the ball rolling, Oceanic was kind enough to put together a set of tracks. Swaying slowly or picking up pace, dive into the music you might hear him playing for the dance floor on Saturday, 26 May.

1. Konduku – ‘Pembe Alan’

From the new upcoming album of Konduku on my brother’s label Nous’Klaer this is Pembe Alan, referring to the pink hills of the Cappadocia area in Turkey. The whole album will be amazing, but especially this one gives a pink glow over the early hours at a festival.

2. Gila – ‘106 Slipper’

Just Like Konduku’s Pembe Alan, this is slow to start the day, but contains so much energy.

3. Phenomyna – ‘Earthfall’ (Nuron Mix)

This has been my alarm clock for the couple of last months. I still can’t get enough of it, and it’s going to be perfect to dance in the sun on this.

4. Donato Dozzy – ‘Cleo’

The latest trip of Donato Dozzy can make you cry and the end of a dark club night as well as at 13.30 on a sunny Saturday afternoon. And that’s exactly the time you can hear me play this.

5. rRoxymore – ‘bRINGTHEbRAVE’

Label of the year: Timedance; DJ of the year: rRoxymore.

6. Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita – ‘Mining-Nah’ (feat. Gustavo Ovalles)

This track is from an amazing album by Cuban pianist Omar Sosa and Seckou Keita, a Senegalese kora player.  This is a perfect start to a festival day before all the heavy music.

7. Madou – Niets is Voor altijd

There’s an abundance of internet radio shows nowadays. More than one can ever all listen to, but there’s one that stands above them all; Studio Nonsens on Stranded.FM by Anniek Volders. The latest episode was together with Bob Verhoeven aka Bobski. An amazingly fun hour of Dutch and Flemish songs, poetry and nonsense.  I have a soft spot for simple Dutch pop songs, and this one hits that spot.

8. Simon Vinkenoog – Je Bent Nooit Alleen

On the 1st of July we will celebrate the spirit of Simon Vinkenoog at De School, when Pieter Jansen will give the decade old Spinvis Vinkenoog tracks a second life. I will definitely play one of the reissued tracks At Lente Kabinet, but this fragment of Vinkenoog sums up the spirit:

“Leef met plezier, wat heb je er anders aan?”

9. Kelela

One tip for the festival: go see Kelela.