Sporting Life

Question from interview by Deva Rao
Photos shot by Ryan Loewy in New York, USA

Sporting Life lives up to his (assumed) name. He peppers his speech with basketball analogies – ‘I make music every day to get better… gotta get my jumpshot up, you know?’, he has a basketball-centred music video, and he has an EP series titled Slam Dunk. We spoke to Eric Adiele for our upcoming Summer Issue (coming soon, so soon!) but wanted to let you in on his A-game just in time for his show in Melkweg this Friday, 12 May (huddle up Subbacultcha members!). Here’s Q #01 to get you in the mood.

If you had to pick an all-star basketball lineup consisting of people you’ve collaborated with, who’d make the starting five?

I gotta go with Actress, Panda Bear, Logan from Teengirl Fantasy… Wiki, even though he’s small, his energy is big enough to play centre. And Earl Sweatshirt. And me. We gotta play with six.