Everyone’s A Member

s105, the gritty venue attached to our office at De School, is our home-base. The place to hear new music. Meet new people. Hang with friends. And since it’s our home-base, we want to make you feel special. Cause if you decide to pedal your bike all the way to Amsterdam-West to see an artist you’ve possibly never heard of, well, then you’re part of our club. Even if you’re not a Subbacultcha-member.

That’s why, we’re introducing the ‘everyone’s-a-member-club’. Here’s how it works:

* Come to a show at s105
* Buy a ticket at the door
* Leave your email address
* Receive a Subbacultcha membership pass that’s valid for one month, granting you free entrance to all our shows and events in that period.
* No strings attached

Don’t be a stranger.
Come hang at s015, the Subbacultcha venue.


Photo shot by our Click Click Club