We like to believe Cheena made a conscious decision to leave the best for last, their tour ending with two NL dates, bringing the New Yorkers to Amsterdam’s De Nieuwe Anita this Friday, 9 December. While ripping through fourteen European countries, we asked Cheena for a list of top tour tracks, to which they reacted with the selection below. In the midst of great advice and a reference to Happy Gilmore, they’ve thrown in a few fully unusual picks. Go ahead and check it out – Vocalist Walker Behl’s captions say it all.

1. TI – Rubber Band Man
‘I’m always in trouble man’

2. Stereo Total – Relax Baby Be Cool
Cus that’s the best advice I’ve ever heard.

3. Electric Light Orchestra – Telephone Line
Steve Buscemi putting on lipstick.

4. The New Seekers – Free to be you and me
This is on a mix I made called ‘scary hippy music for children’.

5. Darkthrone – The Hordes of Nebula
This is on that same mix I just mentioned.

6. The Animator – Rocking Goose
This is music we do drugs to.

7. The Wiggles – Whose in the Wiggle House
This is also music we do drugs to.

8. James Last – Mr. Giant Man
This is the best song ever made..

9. Spinal Tap – Gimme Some Money
Please… give me some money.

10. Julie Andrews – The Lonely Goatherd
Big fans of goats, especially when they scream like people.

Cheena play at De Nieuwe Anita on Friday, 9 December.