Subbacultcha magazine — Issue 04

Featuring SMIB, mobilegirl, Whitney, DISCWOMAN, Young Echo, The Art Department residents, and more.



In music, collaboration has and continues to be a tool of political resistance for subcultures. We did not have to look long to discover collectives who are fighting discrimination and marginalization and countering them with a new modus operandi. They are DISCWOMAN levelling the playing field for women in the electronic scene, SMIB manifesting a creative force that propels them way out of Bijlmer, and mobilegirl speaking for emancipating online collective Sister and Stockholm-based underground platform Staycore. But collaboration can also stand for boosting creativity and getting yourself out of a rut — Julien Ehrlich and Max Kakacek came together from broken-up bands and broken-up relationships to start Whitney, a seven-person group now rapidly rising to fame. For Bristol’s Young Echo, cooperation has led to an experimental collective steering away from the insincerity of clean digital productions dominating electronic music. As for ourselves, we look back on the Art Department’s residency programme we started a year ago realising how much it means to share your platform with others. Think about it.

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