Photo Essay

Red Light Radio

Photos shot by Maurice van Es in
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Broadcasting live from the heart of Amsterdam’s most notorious district, Red Light Radio rivals its infamous neighbours for window gazing, raised eyebrows and neck-breaking. Setup behind a former prostitution window four years ago, the online radio station now serves every corner of the city’s vast musical landscape. Ever so often the duo venture out to host their own party or festival, broadcasting on site. With that and their upcoming Lente Kabinet stint in mind, we sent Maurice van Es and his unrivalled eye for detail over to capture the studio in its essence. What he found was a single, very red thread. In his own words, “I love it that they are all this red, like it’s really a planet with two superheroes…they even drink red there.”

Red Light Radio return to Het Twiske in May to host their own Lente Kabinet stage. Joining hosts Orpheu the Wizard and Tako are Levon Vincent, Gilb’R & Young Marco, and Pender Street Steppers. For more information and tickets, visit