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Kazuma Eekman

Interview by Floor Kortman, drawings by Kazuma Eekman

We first got to know Kazuma Eekman’s (1989) work through our friends from Beelddragers, by whom he came highly recommended. Eekman takes his inspiration from popular culture and television, which accumulated into his graduation series I was raised by television. Eekman takes his inspiration from popular culture and television, which he accumulated into his graduation series I was raised by television. At times, his use of expressionist brushstrokes is almost sentimental, betraying the personal nature of his drawings, yet counterbalanced by his humorous take. We talked to the Willem de Kooning graduate about getting in the drawing zone and not watching Game of Thrones.

kazuma banaan

Who are you?

I’m Kazuma, 25 years and living the dream in Rotterdam. My favourite stand up comedian is Louis CK, I like to listen to Asap Rocky or The Gaslamp Killer while working and even though I love David Lynch, my favourite movie is Shawshank Redemption. I also love to read Daniel Clowes comics.

How are you doing?

I’m good, right now I’m working a part time job at Cinerama, which is a nice movie theatre at the West Blaak. And the rest of the time I’m trying to figure out how an artist is suppose to live.

kazuma van persie


What do you like about drawing?

I like the craft of it. For me it always takes a long time to make work. And when I work long enough I get into what I call the drawing zone, which is the best zone.

Can you tell me something about how you work? 

The themes I with that interests me are pop culture and social dynamics. I don’t exactly know how I get ideas, but I like to drink coffee with friends and talk about a subject or theme that interest me. And when I start to work I’ll research the subject a bit and then try to just do what feels right.

Can you explain how you started with your graduation project I was raised by television?

I watched an unusual amount of television when I was a kid, I thought it was the coolest machine ever made. The project was an idea that floated in my head for years. I realised people talk about television series or movies as if they were events that actually happened. Something about this interested me, but I didn’t know what to do with it. Recently I had this same conversation with my friends about Game of Thrones, but because I don’t watch Game of Thrones the conversation always ends. That annoyed me but also reminded me of that idea that was still floating around in my head. So I decided to do something with it.

You have moved from a graphic aesthetic to a more subtle style of drawing. Is this a conscious effort or a natural development?

It’s because I get distracted quickly; there are so many interesting things to do and I want to try them all! I used to work at the print workshop of the academy, which could explain the graphic style, but since my graduation I have a new love for gouache paint. It’s always a process of experimenting with ideas and the tools available at that time.

What’s up next?

Right now I’m working on a new film project with fashion designer Afra Engel. And I’m also super excited for the new season of Twin Peaks.

kazuma den haag