East India Youth




‘I’d always said that I’d sooner remove my own ears with a pair of nail clippers than start a record label. It was, I said, like withdrawing all your money from a cash machine and setting fire to it while simultaneously flushing your own head down a toilet filled with goat’s piss. However, I was at a Factory Floor gig in London a year ago when a young man in a very nice shirt came over and gave me a CDr with his demo on it. I always listen to CDs that people give me, even though they’re nearly always rubbish. This one was the kind of brilliant exception I’m always hoping for, however. The young man’s name was William Doyle, a 22-year-old former indie musician turned psychedelic electronic pop performer, trading under the name East India Youth. After a month or so of listening to it, I became convinced it was one of the best albums that I’d heard in years. So, Luke Turner, my co-editor at The Quietus, persuaded me that it was time to do the unthinkable and start a record label. And the first release on the Quietus Phonographic Corporation is the Hostel EP. We’re now looking for more talent to sign. Just make sure you’re wearing a great shirt when you give me your CD.’



East India Youth make his Dutch debut at Incubate Festival on 20 September, a locale praised by his The Quietus label bosses and home to their temporary offices for the coming week. You can also catch East India Youth when he supports Factory Floor on their upcoming European tour. They drop in on Rotown, Rotterdam on 10 October.