Ana Caprix




London producer Ana Caprix follows the ephemeral, Soundcloud-only distribution model typical of so many internet-based artists today. Despite the annoying tendency for tracks to disappear traceless from the web after only a few months, the producer is nonetheless amassing an accomplished body of resonant, otherworldly internet-electronica.

His tracks are often based around familiar contemporary pop vocal samples, which are warped, subdued and submerged, reimagined with a sound that encompasses both the warm and the cooly technologic. Aligned with the burgeoning internet music underground in terms of his visual aesthetic and pop-awareness, the producer in many ways pushes his sound in the opposite direction to many of his contemporaries, eschewing the by now familiar ironized, hyper-masculine displays of garishness and applying feminine pressure through tracks that are reflective, sensual and deep.

This is perhaps nowhere more evident than in recent track Under Bare Ground,which mines shuffling café textures, off-kilter samples and twinkling arpeggios. Elsewhere, Can’t Eat, Can’t Sleep, I’m Sick flips an Iggy Azalea sample with a deftness that’s thoroughly immersive, while the producer’s recent mixtape for BEASTONLEASH.BIZ, 13 Angels Standing Guard ‘Round the DJ Booth, explores the spiritual and dystopian elements of club music.