Teengirl Fantasy

Phone interview by Brenda Bosma, Photos shot by Cristopher Schreck in New York, USA

You’ve probably been asked this a thousand times, but what’s a typical teengirl fantasy? 
That’s easy. Justin Timberlake, the boys from 3T, Luke Perry from Beverly Hills 90210, Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys, Justin Bieber for the teengirls of today.

What were your fantasies as a teenboy?
I really wanted to be like Pharrell from the Neptunes when I was younger. I was pretty obsessed by him. I wanted to be like him. Also, Missy and Timbaland I admired a lot.

And as grown-ups?
I don’t need to fantasize so much anymore. My fantasies have all come true.

You lived in the Red Light District while you were studying at the Rietveld. Does Amsterdam have any more secrets for you to uncover.
There are definitely still more places we could’ve explored. For instance I always walked by this weird looking bar called ‘San Francisco’, which I never entered, but was pretty intrigued by. I’m still thinking about it actually. It’s a shame I never went there. 

Does Teengirl Fantasy have any secrets they still need to explore?
I don’t know about Logan, but I don’t think I have any secrets. I walk around freely.

You put on quite an intense liveshow. Do weird things happen sometimes?
Not really or at least nothing too crazy. The craziest maybe is this one time when we were playing at this big venue in New York. There were these two ravers who started a fistfight during our show. One was dressed as a Dr. Seus chop head covered in LED lights. Security had to carry him out of the venue. They held him over their head like he was stagediving. That was pretty wild. Looked quite funny with these flickering LED lights.