Uitkijk Specials – New Queer Cinema: Tongues Untied

9 July - Filmtheater De Uitkijk, Amsterdam
21:00 - €12,50 - Free for members

We’ve teamed up again with Amsterdam’s most romantic cinema, Filmtheater de Uitkijk. Aside from their assorted agenda, the entirely student-run cinema curates bimonthly ‘specials’; series of movies, linked through a specific theme every Tuesday night.

This summer’s special is New Queer Cinema. This curated selection of films explores the revolutionary wave of narratives that emerged during the turbulent mid-1980s. “Amidst the AIDS crisis and the rising conservatism under Reagan, mainstream media painted a one-sided and unrepresentative picture of the queer community. In response, brave and unconventional filmmakers rose to reclaim their narratives, laying the groundwork for what B. Ruby Rich defined in the early 1990s as NEW QUEER CINEMA. Rich described this genre as a collection of works that, while not sharing a uniform cinematic language, were united in foregrounding queer narratives that had previously been merely implicit.”

“‘Tongues Untied’ is an impressive cinematographic protest against the silence surrounding homophobia and racism in America. Directed by Marlon T. Riggs, this powerful documentary is a candid tribute to the struggles, lives and love of black gay men. The film uses rap, dance, poetry and personal stories to paint a portrait of their pain, frustration and anger. Riggs dispels deeply ingrained and normalized myths about what it means to be gay, black, male and human”

Subbacultcha members can attend the screening of Go Fish for free. There are limited spots available. Please make a reservation by sending an email to citing ‘Go Fish’ in the subject line + your name in the email. Not a members? Sign up here. Or purchase a regular ticket here.

Tongues Untied