Uitkijk Specials – Fathers: Festen by Thomas Vinterberg

13 December - Filmtheater de Uitkijk, Amsterdam
21:00 - €11 - Free for members

We’ve teamed up with the most iconic movie theater of Amsterdam, Filmtheater de Uitkijk. Aside from their assorted agenda, the entirely student-run cinema curates bimonthly ‘specials’; series of movies, linked through a specific theme. And in addition, they screen a classic picture every month! Subbacultcha members can attend selected screenings of the specials and classics for free. This December, the Uitkijk Special will be “Fathers”.

Successful businessman Helge has invited all his relatives and friends to celebrate his 60th birthday in a majestic way. Before the party, Helge asks his eldest son Christian to commemorate his deceased daughter, who committed suicide six months earlier, in a speech during dinner. However, the moment Christian taps his glass and asks for a deathly silence, the company is confronted with a dramatic revelation that completely disrupts this well-intentioned family celebration.

Festen is the first film made according to the Dogme 95′ manifesto and was presented at the same time as Idioterne (Lars von Trier, 1998) as one of the first two Dogma 95 films, so: filmed as much as possible naturally, without sets, props or music. It forced the makers to focus on the drama and thus bring back a certain notion of ‘authenticity’ in film. And it worked: the premiere at the Cannes Film Festival was followed by a minutes-long ovation, the film won the jury prize for best film in Cannes and was the second most visited film in Denmark after Titanic. It took the overwhelmed director Vinterberg years to reach this level again.

Subbacultcha members can attend the selected screening of Feesten for free. There are limited spots available. One can make a reservation by sending an e-mail to, citing ‘Feesten’ in the mail. Please show your membership card at the box office. 

Tuesday, the 13th of December, 21.00

Festen by Thomas Vinterberg