Uitkijk Specials – Enfants Terribles: Swept Away

21 February - Filmtheater de Uitkijk, Amsterdam
21:00 - €11 - Free for members

We’ve teamed up with the most romantic movie theater of Amsterdam, Filmtheater de Uitkijk. Aside from their assorted agenda, the entirely student-run cinema curates bimonthly ‘specials’; series of movies, linked through a specific theme. And in addition, they screen a classic picture every month! Subbacultcha members can attend selected screenings of the specials and classics for free.

This month’s special is Enfants Terribles. This curated selection of films wants to explore films a series of films involving controversial filmmakers and/or films that Uitkijk feels still provide some food for thought.

In Lina Wertmüller’s Swept Away, a yacht is shipwrecked, leaving a pampered bourgeois Raffaella Pavone Lanzetti (Mariangela Melato) and the ship’s servant Gennarino Carunchio (Giancarlo Gianni) who had been humiliated by her, on a desert island. Once they arrive on the island, the roles between the two seem to reverse.

A Triangle of Sadness avant la lettre, which caused a huge stir after its release in 1974. Wertmüller pushes the boundaries and offers an ambiguous critique of capitalism and patriarchy, but was not clear in this according to some, causing much criticism from 1970s filmgoers. Dividing opinions on Wertmüller’s subject matter and approach aside, there is no disputing the undeniable quality of the melancholic, poetic design in the camerawork.

Trigger warning : Sexual assault is featured in Swept Away (1974).

Subbacultcha members can attend the screening of Swept Away for free. There are limited spots available. One can make a reservation by sending an e-mail to, citing ‘Swept Away’ in the mail. Please show your membership card at the box office. 

Tuesday, the 21st of February, 21.00

Swept Away (1974, Lina Wertmüller)