Uitkijk Specials: Defining Diagnosis

14 Mar - 25 Apr - Filmtheater de Uitkijk, Amsterdam
€11 - Free for members

We’ve teamed up with the most romantic movie theater of Amsterdam, Filmtheater de Uitkijk. Aside from their assorted agenda, the entirely student-run cinema curates bimonthly ‘specials’; series of movies, linked through a specific theme. And in addition, they screen a classic picture every month!

This month’s special is Defining Diagnosis. This curated selection of films wants to explore the phenomena of mental health diagnosis and all of the associations that come along with that sort of diagnosis. The idea itself is simple in the sense that an issue of some kind is being pointed out just so that the right kind of help can be provided. In practice, however it can be a way to pathologize people who don’t abide by the normative. This set of films wants to explore that tension.⁠


Tuesday, the 4th of April, 21.00

But I’m A Cheerleader by Jamie Babbit

Tuesday, the 11th of April, 21.00

Titicut Follies⁠ (1967) by Frederick Wiseman

Tuesday, the 18th of April, 21.00

De Regels van Matthijs by Marc Schmidt

Tuesday, the 25th of April, 21.00

A Woman Under the Influence by John Cassavetes