Uitkijk Classic – Fahrenheit 451

26 September - Filmtheater De Uitkijk, Amsterdam
€11 - Free for members

We’ve teamed up with the iconic movie theater of Amsterdam, Filmtheater de Uitkijk. Aside from their assorted agenda, the entirely student-run cinema curates bimonthly ‘specials’; series of movies, linked through a specific theme. And in addition, they screen a classic picture every month! Subbacultcha members can attend selected screenings of the specials and classics for free. This month’s classic: Fahrenheit 451 directed by François Truffaut.

In an unnamed country sometime in the future, it is strictly forbidden to read books. The fire department starts fires instead of putting them out by burning all the books they find.

When a dutiful firefighter encounters a reader who would rather die than give up her books, he begins to question his actions. One day he decides he wants to read the books first before burning them. It leads him down a path where he is ultimately forced to choose between personal security and intellectual freedom.

Fahrenheit 451 is an adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s well-known science fiction novel. It is François Truffaut’s first film in color and his only film in which English is the main language. The film was nominated for a Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

Subbacultcha members can attend the mentioned screenings for free. There are limited spots available. One can make a reservation by sending an e-mail to, citing the name of the film in the subject line of the email. Please show your membership card at the box office

September 10th + September 26th 

Fahrenheit (1966, François Truffaut)