Sprout #14: Pollination/Pollution Launch Party

6 October - Perdu
20:30 - €11,50 - Free for members

Subbacultcha has invited local artists to contribute to the 14th issue of Sprout: Pollination / Pollution. Interpretations of these contributions will be presented in Perdu. The theme of Sprout Issue 14 is Pollination / Pollution, both flowing through the air in which we move. Recent research shows that common air pollutants from both urban and rural environments can reduce the pollination ability of insects. Bees and butterflies become ‘confused’ by air pollution, reducing their ability to search for the crops that both humans and insects depend on.

Related to this topic, there is Sprout’s very first release party in Perdu. The release will consist of live performances, music and a video work by local artists associated with our Sprout publication.

There are limited free tickets for Subba members. Tickets are  €11,50- for non-members. Please make a reservation by sending an email to with ‘Sprout#14′ in the subject line + your name in the email. Tickets can be purchased here.

About the contributors

Clementine Edwards is a Rotterdam artist who works with sculptures, texts, performances and video. Their ongoing line of inquiry is material kinship, where material extends beyond extraction and kinship extends beyond biological family. Their work asks: How can we honor, attend, and enchant the worlds in which we are immersed and the contexts that shape, nourish, and resist us?

Masha Ryabova works with writing, drawing, collage and film. She is currently concerned with questions of subordination, terms and conditions of control, the audacity of hope and socio-political fables of the exemplary and the collective.

Zazie Stevens is director (EIC) of DAISYWORLD magazine (2020) In addition to her work for DAISYWORLD magazine, Stevens works on commission as a writer, editor, photographer and creative director in the arts. Zazie Stevens received her Master of Fine Arts from the Sandberg Institute in 2016 and lives and works in Amsterdam (NL).

Phantom Wizard is an artist, composer and multi-instrumentalist of Surinamese descent, born and raised in Amsterdam. He creates experimental sounds that explore personal experiences and thoughts about connections between the physical, spiritual and abstract aspects of life. Improvisation is an essential part of his practice and serves as a portal to the subconscious. This highly personal approach to art facilitates the exploration of the complexity of his multifaceted identity.