Sonic Acts Biennial 2024

Sonic Acts Biennial 2024: TRANCE

23 February - Paradiso, Amsterdam
15.00 - 03.00 - €22,50 - €27,50

This year marks Sonic Acts 30th (!) anniversary. Congrats! All across Amsterdam, from February until March, Sonic Acts Biennial 2024: The Spell of the Sensuous will present “an exhibition, a multichannel sound programme, club nights, large theatrical productions, a symposium, film programmes, sound and video installations, sound and field walks, workshops and more.”

Oh gosh. Talking about scale, ambition and spectacle for this one. TRANCE is a 6-chapter multidisciplinary performance, which lasts half a day. “Somewhere between a rock concert, an underground rave, an immersive theatre production, and an otherworldly cinematic experiment, for TRANCE, visionary contemporary artist Tianzhuo Chen, the director of Asian Dope Boys, presents a synthesis of his work from the past decade. Taking place at the former church Paradiso, the 12-hour-long extravaganza includes a sprawling ensemble cast of international musicians and performers such as ¥ØU$UK€ ¥UK1MAT$UDis FigKIM KHANYlva FalkKasimyn and Ican Harem (Gabber Modus Operandi).”

Some warnings: nudity, strong language + filming and photography throughout the performance is expressly permitted.

We’re sorry to say that there are no more member spots available. If you are still interested you can purchase a ticket here

Tianzhuo Chen: TRANCE