Sonic Acts Biennial 2024

Sonic Acts Biennial 2024: Expanded Experience

24 February - Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam
19.00 - €22,50 - €27,50

This year marks Sonic Acts 30th (!) anniversary. Congrats! All across Amsterdam, from February until March, Sonic Acts Biennial 2024: The Spell of the Sensuous will present “an exhibition, a multichannel sound programme, club nights, large theatrical productions, a symposium, film programmes, sound and video installations, sound and field walks, workshops and more.”

On February 24th, at the heart of the biennial, Sonic Acts will present a string of performances in the brutalist, yet elegant, Muziekgebouw. “Along the banks of the river IJ, the Muziekgebouw is graced by the likes of Ina GRM director Kassel Jaeger who is joined by filmmaker Eléonore Huisse, as well as Sarah Davachi and Ï Π(Lukas De Clerck & Victor Guaita Igual). Together with visual alchemist Sevi Iko DømochevskyAho Ssan recontextualises his latest album Rhizomes into an AV format. On the 31-notes-per-octave Fokker organ, Marcin Pietruszewski showcases his generative installation, and Hugo Esquinca and Russell Haswell present the fourth edition of Cadáver Exquisito, a work premised on the technique of collective assembly.”

We’re sorry to say that there are no more member spots available. If you are still interested you can purchase a ticket here

Kassel Jaeger & Eléonore Huisse

Sarah Davachi

 Ï Π(Lukas De Clerck & Victor Guaita Igual)

Aho Ssan & Sevi Iko Dømochevsky: Rhizomes

Marcin Pietruszewski

Hugo Esquinca & Russell Haswell: Cadáver Exquisito