Kai Whiston + Bby Eco, Xistince, Guenter Raler

24 September - s105 (De School), Amsterdam
20:00 - €9 - Free for members

Starting his experimentation at the tender age of 12 with rehashing computer game soundtracks that he and his friends were playing at the time. Kai Whiston, a UK based artist, unveils that his new material is the perfect medium between the grim and the playful juvenile humour he missed in the music he was making. Kai’s use of aggressively distorted sounds enhances the sense of flexibility to his beats. Kai Whiston will perform his teeth-cutting bass and unearthly textures on 16 April at our beloved s105. Supporting acts by Bby Eco, Xistince, and Guenter Raler.


Kai Whiston