Eyeshadow: Happiness + Cousin

23 March - Eye Filmmuseum
21.30 - €13.50 - Free for members

Music and movies are often interwoven. Eyeshadow in Amsterdam’s iconic Eye Filmmuseum shows this in a series dedicated to both film and music; a modern day classic followed by a performance.

Serving as the breakthrough film for the fantastic Philip Seymour Hoffman, Happiness (1988) is considered one of the most iconic black comedies of all time. The narrative weaves together the disparate, dark and side-splittingly strange lives of three estranged sisters to paint a portrait of the human condition. An award-winning classic not to be missed. After the screening, the heavenly voice of Daan Couzijn – otherwise known as Cousin – will bestow catchy, pop-themed enlightenment. DJ Milad is also making a celebratory second appearance at Eyeshadow.