Eyeshadow: Blood Simple + Kitchenette

23 February - Eye Filmmuseum
21.00 - €13.50 - Free for members

Music and movies are often interwoven. Eyeshadow in Amsterdam’s iconic Eye Filmmuseum shows this in a series dedicated to both film and music; a modern day classic followed by a performance.

A cult film classic and a healthy dose of Americana collide at the Eye Filmmuseum. Kitchenette is pure road trip goodness: sumptuous synths and heavenly chorus guitar put the band in line with the likes of The War on Drugs and Kurt Vile. Bersekia – the band’s first six-track EP – surfaced in May 2018 and is currently available both as a digital download and on vinyl. Released in 1984, Blood Simple is the directorial debut of the legendary Coen Brothers. Set in rural Texas, a jealous Saloon owner hires a cheap detective to murder his wife and her lover, with twistedly violent and equally hilarious consequences.

Blood Simple