Cool Japan: Perfect Blue (Postponed, Date TBA)

14 March - Melkweg, Amsterdam
21:00 - €10,50 - Free for members

Perfect Blue will be shown as an extension of the very successful series ‘Cool Japan’ exhibition available to see at the Tropenmusuem. Around the new exhibition ‘What A Genderful World’ Melkweg is showing a series of anime films with strong female lead roles from studios such as Ghibli and Chizu. Perfect Blue, directed by Japanese anime connoisseur and film director, Satoshi Kon, is a soap opera turned animation exploring the life of Mima, the main character. We follow her journey to become an actor as she leaves her music career behind. Our members, of course, get free access to all these enchanting anime motion pictures. Perfect Blue will be shown at de Melkweg on 14 March. 

It is important to keep in mind that there is a limited amount of tickets available for Perfect Blue.

Perfect Blue