Collectibles Cocktail Club (online)

20 Oct - 25 Oct - s105, Amsterdam
17:00 - Free for all

Due to the new measurements of the Dutch government we have to make same last-minute changes, regarding the first Collectibles Cocktail Club. We are researching whether we can open up and employ our space to the desired goals, within these guidelines. For now, we can’t do this fully physically right now. So, we’re going to move the the first CCC to the virtual realm. Plus, we hope to invite you again IRL soon.

Next week, we will broadcast the exhibition in the s105 on video, featuring commentary from the makers. We will write you an email next week, with more info on how to attend. And, please, for the sake of it: pour yourself a Dark n’ Stormy this weekend.

Subbacultcha’s Collectibles have taken a myriad of forms in their relatively short lifespan. They found their genesis in times of quarantine; hoping to make homebound life a bit more beautiful by sending you monthly packages of printed pieces. Developing along with time, the project has now evolved into a chain-reaction of creative responses. Twenty artists will produce unique pieces of art over a period of 5 months in response to their preceding artist.

Collectibles became multi-dimensional: print, online, sound, no sound, video, the like and the unlike. This asked for a different presentation. A presentation with different faces.

With this ever-growing exposition we hope to alter Collectibles to an authentically collective experience. It is communal moments like these that will persevere in our memories and hearts as we continue to live in a world that is suffering from isolation in more ways than one.

Collectibles Cocktail Club 1, with:

The safety and health of our community is at the top of our priorities right now. We’re using our space with the objective of bringing people together under the same roof, where a safe environment is reassured as much as possible. Our hope is to foster a place that aims to be comfortable, safe, yet ever-changing and evolving alongside our events. Please visit and read this page before attending our events.

If you have any questions, critiques, remarks or suggestions, please reach out to us via or a direct message.