11 November - Dokzaal
19:30 - €5- €25 - Free for members

The mouth as a cave, the body as a site of horror — CAVERNOUS is an experimental event at the intersection of concert and performance.

CAVERNOUS is an event dedicated to the notions of feminist horror. Exploring spilling, leaking, ‘loud women’, resonant architecture, and the use of the mouth, ear and body as sites of hysteria, danger and pleasure. The evening features all new and site-specific work by a team of female-identifying artists with cross-disciplinary practices rooted in live performance. Imagining the space of Dokzaal as a body orifice or a reverberation chamber, all contributors tap into an emotionally charged landscape through embodiment: the silencing of femme voices, failed attempts at being heard and soft transgression.

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Moa Holgersson 

a visual and performance artist and the curator of CAVERNOUS. She will perform an adaptation and expansion of a series of compositions made under the moniker FRÖ/The Lure. Navigating a set of solidified liquids, her primary weapon to pierce through a crowd is her voice: singing, growling, screaming, calling — Moa stretches the different registers and archetypes connected to femme vocalisation.

Thalia Livingstone

A dancer, choreographer, curator and ex-architect working at the intersection of many things, attempting to share the ungraspable. Her work seeks to outline the illusive, often surfacing themes of neuro-divergence and feminism.
For this piece, Thalia has assigned herself a mission: to understand what it really is that she is trying to say. And to say it.
Despite the objective seeming impossible to complete, Thalia prepares. Using the tools at hand, she attempts to recruit allies through seduction, communicate her needs through text, and train her body rigorously — only to encounter obstruction after obstruction.
Holding a bouquet of failed attempts, she endures… but will she hit her target before her tank is empty?

Show Pony 

the experimental pop persona of double bassist, singer and composer Laura Nygren. During CAVERNOUS she will present I May Fall Into the Sound, an audio visual work exploring the disappearing island of Massancummock through the gaze of her memory and fantasy. Together with visual artists Tatiana Rosa and Ninay Kay she has constructed a fanciful version of Massancumock. The audience witnesses real time decay of the place through musical memories and field recordings.
Massancummock is a tiny island, home to the endangered roseate tern, off the coast of Guilford, Connecticut, USA. It is projected to disappear into the surrounding sea by 2026. The trio uses the island as a lens for witnessing communal physical erosion — whether the loss of our home, body or planet.


Snailaway explores the topics of memory, trauma and out-of-body experiences through film, writing, music and performance, by following methodologies of somatics and body-politics, borrowing tactics of mental health therapy, as well as consciousness-expanding practices such as psychedelics and non-duality.
Inside of the morphing space of Dokzaal, Snailaway/Frederique Pissuise will play a contagious DJ-set to close the evening of CAVERNOUS, utilising storytelling and somatic trance.

Xiomara Virdó

A visual artist and performer based in Amsterdam. Her sculptural practice in glass, steel and rubber is informed by high temperatures, proximity to danger, phase transition of matter and her long standing relationship to dance.

Graphic design by Tomás Queiroz