Bec Plexus Album Release (Postponed, Date TBA)

17 April - s105 (De School), Amsterdam
20:00 - €9 - Free for members

Bec Plexus is a singer and composer who’s been active for almost a decade creating both electronic and acoustic music works. Her latest project, ‘STICKLIP’ brought together nine composers spanning punk, jazz, music theatre, electronic pop and contemporary music and a rich variety of guest musicians all responding to the theme of expressing the unsaid. Alongside Plexus we will jump in the deep end with other acts namely GIEK_1, Splitter Splatter, DJ SuperInca.

Giek_1’s confronting and healing live-set tells a story of hope and strength amidst the escapism and passion-fueled confusion of our generation. Splitter Splatter is an Amsterdam based artist inspired by nature and works with symbolic, surrealist shapes and totems that reference rituals, the subconscious and the absurd. DJ Superinca is a Lago Titicaca born entity, made to spread cumbificated epigeal sonic waves.

Bec Plexus