Subbacultcha’s ‘Songs to Keep You Warm’ playlist

Since most of our team is going to be OOO during the holidays, we thought it might be nice to not cut off each other completely in terms of warmth. While the fire place was radiating with heat, we wandered around the office and asked everyone for a song that keeps them warm. All so we can pass it on to each other, and on to you. Here’s our ‘Songs to Keep You Warm’ playlist.


Wilco – Jesus, Etc.

Because it has been with me on lots of essential moments in my life since it was released in 2002.



The Blue Nile – Over The Hillside

“Over the hills and home we’ll go.”



Bettye Swann – Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye

This song was part of the soundtrack of season two of The End of the Fucking World. Never heard it before. In fact I had never heard of Bettye Swann before. But it only took one listen, for me to be sold on this track.  And even though it seems to be a break-up song, there’s so much love in it… Acceptance and warmth.



Eunice Collins – At The Hotel

I came across this song and the moment I heard it, it gave me this calm and easy feeling over me. Something I associate with the holiday season. Calmness. A sense of ease.



Múm – Green Grass of Tunnel



Chris Isaak – Wicked Game

Heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. And very suiting for cleaning the house after the new years eve party that got out of hand.



Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Our House

There are loads of songs making me feel very strongly, but most of them leave me feeling fragile. However, there is one that always turns my face into a smile.



Ydegirl – Lovely Snipe (feat. CTM)

Knowing that Ydegirl is out here making tracks like ‘Lovely Snipe’ and ‘post Amber’ makes my heart rate rise and my blood reach my fingertips. She keeps the circulation flowing and my body feverish.



Bonus: David Numwami – Le Fisc de L’Amour

While listening to this song, I see myself standing in the kitchen preparing apple crumble for the holiday’s. This song gives me the same warm feeling as a bite of fresh baked apple crumble.