FULL TILT, the third issue of bi-annual fashion magazine SAUCE was created from the hands of over 40 (!) contributors – all hailing from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. With a purely image-based issue, it’s crystal clear SAUCE doesn’t need words or numbers to correspond with the world. And well, this was double-proved when we shot the SAUCE chatbot a handful of questions. 

What to expect of issue 3? 


Could you tell us a bit on the creation process of this issue?

How does this issue relate to the former two – THE ZOO & PROBIOTIC?

How would it feel flipping through the pages for the first time?

How does it feel flipping through the pages for you – knowing the magazine inside out?

What does this issue smell like?

What to expect from the release party?

Celebrate the release of Issue 3 – FULL TILT on 6 December at Warehouse Elementenstraat, Amsterdam. Free for all.