Beyond the Black Box

Dive into immersive installations and performances where the audience is central to the work at Beyond the Black Box festival for trans-disciplinary art at De Brakke Grond. Explore hybrid works of art, questioning the relationship and juxtapositions between humans and their environment. With Miet Warlop, Nazanin Fakoor, Karel Burssens, Stav Yeini, Nick Steur & Matea Bakula, Collectief Walden and others.

Miet Warlop
Ghost Writer and the Broken Hand Break

Balancing a fine line between keeping control and losing it, three performers constantly twirl around like dervishes. A performance that is dance, recital and concert all at once, and that will keep you thrilled from start to finish.

Photo by Reinout Hiel

Stav Yeni
The Senders

A performance where you get to lie down on a set of pillows. Choreographer Stav Yeini collaborated on this project with a videographer, a fermentation expert and a sound artist. Expect all your senses to open up; to experience reality in unperceived ways.

Photo by Julie Calbert

Nazanin Fakoor

We are the result of endless reflections, like a rainbow. Inspired by The Conference of the Birds by Persian poet Farid ud-Din Attar, artist Nazanin Fakoor reflects on the myth of a single national identity, while celebrating diversity.

Photo by Moulay Guisse

Nick Steur & Matea Bakula
We Do Matter

In We Do Matter, one performer breaks a rock using a chisel, a hammer and his hands. The other glues the broken rock together again with polyurethane. Their work is both performance and installation, where human and matter forge a new connection.

Photo by Paul McGee