The Void

Get Published

A cavernous expanse. A vast, turbulent space; a nebula in waiting. Waiting for what? You, of course. The Void is back.

The variety and amount of art we received following our call to Get Published for Issue 4 of The Void was unprecedented (we previewed a few snips below!). Greedy as ever, we’re back for more.

We want YOU! We want your tripped out sketches, your barely lucid poetry and your photographic confessions. We want your freaky collages and computer spawn. We want your mind bending multimedia creations and soundscapes. We want those words you jotted down at the brink of dawn in your bedroom or in the achy stupor of an airplane. We want a slice of your heart and a sliver of your soul.

Know a talented friend and want to see their art out in the open and on paper? Share this post around, we can’t wait to see what you’ve been concocting.

Send an email to with “Get Published” in the subject line. Deadline: 5 October.