A Shamanistic-Techno Ritual of Dance

In Puglia, the land from his grandmother, magic is still alive. Moreno goes back to a spiritual perception of the universe beyond the rational: the body is seen as a vessel of the aura, and movement as the language of the spirit. In AURA, the ecstatic dance creates a charged atmosphere. Performing a Shamanistic-Techno Ritual that stimulates the audience to open their senses and enable catharsis, connecting the auras of the dancers and of the audience. A feeling of magic, of communion arises.

Moreno Perna collaborates with Amsterdam based Techno music label Immaterial.Archives (CYB and Elisa Batti) and dancer Evgenia Rubanova.

They will be performing on 5, 6, 7 and 15 September. Mail your name, your chosen day + AURA to by Tuesday 3 September. Only four tickets are available! Randomly chosen members will be emailed the tickets.