Melody Makers

Melody Makers: Lyra Pramuk

Rough motifs, life-altering compositions and little bops straight from the heart. Remember Lyra Pramuk in the s105? That dense, warm night satiated with warping vocal harmonies and smoke. A lot of smoke. Finding ourselves eager for another round, we asked Lyra to compose a little melody in any way she feels like doing this. The only rule: a maximum length of 30 seconds. 


When did you make this melody?

I recorded this on the eve of my birthday a few weeks ago. 

Where did you make this melody?

In my bathroom.

How did you make this melody?

I sang into my phone, edited a bit more on my laptop with headphones and then added an additional voice of processing, which is the same voice, but different :). 

How does this melody make you feel?

It makes me feel free, like letting go of something that doesn’t help you and knowing that life has cycles and you have to move on.