4 AM Forever: Patrick Cramer

4 AM is the most spiritual hour of the day. When night dissolves into day. The magic hour. The liminoid phase of dreaming. For this project, we ask artists to set their alarm clock at 4 AM and create something covering their lucid dream state at that moment. Divine creations at the most ungodly hour. 4 AMEN.

Patrick Cramer is an interdisciplinary artist based in Amsterdam, currently studying at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. We asked him to rise and shine or stay awake until 4 AM. He told us: “I still had a lot of energy from the day before. I woke up easily and felt determined to capture something during my journey outside. Usually, I don’t walk outside at night unless it’s going home after dancing.”

Patrick also wrote down his 4 AM adventure, documenting what happened before he made us some sweet art.