The Void

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In the vastness of space, time unfolds across wonky horizons. You never know what will come leaping out of the darkness. Spiralling from the edges of the ether, enters The Void once again, our seminal broadsheet for all those who are hopelessly devoted to music and art. Want to be part of the madness?

Following our last “Get Published” call out, we were overwhelmed by the sublime content. Turns out Subbacultcha members are an incredibly talented bunch of creatives. Who would have thought? 😉 Wet your appetite below with a taster of the featured work.

But now we’re hungry for more.

For Issue 4 we’re seeking artists who provoke and inspire, photographers who capture a sliver of the human soul; wordsmiths that spawn poetic lyricism that laments on life, transcendental noisemakers and cosmic journeyers. Send us a digital copy, SoundCloud/Mixcloud link or write us a nice letter and post your portfolio.

Want to be featured, but not sure what you want to say? No problem! We’re also after the nitty-gritty. Come to us with your favourite memes, recipes, holiday pictures, salvaged set lists, bad dreams and house plant pet names.

Send an email to with “Get Published” in the subject line. Deadline: 21 July. 

❤ Subbacultcha