Horst Labs

The formula of Horst had stayed untouched for some years. It consisted of a festival and an exhibition, located at the site of the Horst castle. But with the relocation to ASIAT, it felt right to switch things up and add a new dimension to the festival: Horst Lab. Horst staff member Eva Nowe told us what it’s all about, and why you should definitely apply for this fascinating experience.

Interview by Dennis Meersman


Over a 100 participants will work on a project that reaches its outcome during the festival or the exhibition

What’s the goal of Horst Labs?
We want to install a platform for young creatives to experiment, co-create and develop their talents in different disciplines. Together with an inspiring team of influential creatives, pioneers and even outcasts, over a 100 participants from all backgrounds will work on a specific project that reaches its outcome during the festival or the exhibition. These coaches will inspire the next generation of young creatives to unlock new frontiers and unravel their own talent. We realised that there’s a gap between academic graduation and the job market. Through these programs, which function as in-between moments, we want to close that gap for those who need it.

Architecture Lab


During a 10 day period 20 international participants will work on the construction of a very unique and experimental stage together with Fala Atelier from Porto. It’s very similar to what we did last year with Atelier Bow-Wow. It gave us the idea to kick off the Labs for other topics as well. We’re looking for students, architects, craftsmen and -woman, artists, painters, and woodworkers who have a connection with architecture, materiality, construction, and graphics.

Music Lab


The Music Lab list of coaches is already pretty extensive. We invited Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson, who is the co-founder of the Brooklyn-based agency Discwoman, just to name one. Closer to home we have the editor in chief of The Word, Nicholas Lewis, and music programmer Gilke Vanuytsel from Beursschouwburg. The goal of the Music lab is to think about the state of the current electronic musical landscape and how will it progress in the upcoming 15 years. The participants will be going into dialogue with leading professionals about their visions, worries, challenges and opportunities through workshops. This lab is meant for young, enterprising music lovers who like to be challenged and be inspired to do better, to make a change in the current musical landscape. We’re really looking for DIY music activists.

Design Lab


This Lab will experiment with the idea of the ‘souvenir’ across multiple contexts, exploring the conceptual space in which ‘high culture’ meets ‘low culture’. We’re working with the Berlin design bureau HelloMe. What they do isn’t obvious because a design bureau is often or very arty, or very commercially oriented. HelloMe works at the intersection of art, culture and commerce and looks for a perfect mix without compromising the creative process. We are looking for a mix of profiles with a creative background. A design or art background is required, so candidates could be bachelor students or graduates in graphic, textile, product, fashion, type or art for example.

Art Lab