Karel’s monthly playlist #2

Karel’s songs blur the lines between summer euphoria and winter melancholia. Seasonless and seamless. Hence why we asked him to curate a monthly playlist. Filled to the brim with auditive gems that caught his attention. Tune in on Spotify and get ready to click on the hearts next to all the tracks.

“It’s a very very very nice month. It’s one of those months that all Subbacultcha nights contain music I adore: Crack Cloud(!!), Sneaks, Drugdealer(!), Linda Fox and Jakuzi, so very nice!

So from a mining-music point of view, I had a great harvest. Very excited about this second playlist. In which I wanna highlight the track: סדר יום song from Lahaka Rhetori, Yossi Elephant, ooooh this song is making me go buck wild. Maybe it’s because summer is in the air, making the music sound so much thicker; every time I’m on my bike listening to these tracks in the sun, I get a small mental boost, very chill.”

– Karel