Highway Hypnosis

Sneaks makes buttersoft lo-fi hip hop with an edge. Bubblegum post-punk allure. A sugary mix of addictive sounds. On her latest record Highway Hypnosis, she turns every phrase into a mantra. We’ve had it on repeat at the Subba office.

Highway Hypnosis is like a long bumpy bus ride. You try and keep your eyes open, resting your sleepy head against the foggy window. You daydream along with the view of neverending landscapes and petrol stations.

Like cold juice box, Sneaks quenches your thirst. Her breathy voice drifts over a steady drum machine beat. Tantalising and breezy, she leaves you gulping for more.

It’s ideal travelling music. In higher spirits or to a destination unknown. Oh, and by the way, this album-listen takes more or less half an hour (play the album 25 times on repeat, and you could actually already be in Hong Kong). Bon voyage!

Sneaks plays with Linda Fox at De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam 17 May. Free for Subbacultcha Members