Karel’s monthly playlist #1

Karel’s songs blur the lines between summer euphoria and winter melancholia. Seasonless and seamless. Hence why we asked him to curate a monthly playlist. Filled to the brim with auditive gems that caught his attention. Tune in on Spotify and get ready to click on the hearts next to all the tracks.

“Every time I discover new music, I get into this little happiness bubble. Uncovering fresh gems feels like taking a drug that kicks in slowly. I’m reminded of this study, showing that listening to music makes your body create endorphins. The past few months I came across a bunch of new tracks. I’ve bundled a few highlights in this Spotify playlist. I’m astounded by algorithms. these days. The new tracks that pop up on my screen via Spotify Weekly are so good. I’m amazed by how well they match my music taste. It’s almost scary.”

– Karel