Premiere: Eartheater – Inkling

We’re pleased to present Eartheater‘s latest video for Inkling – fresh off her latest album, IRISIRI, released on the multi-disciplinary record label PAN. A smudgy groove and a scene of disarray are the stage on which Alex Drewchin soars in an almost weightless manner, predominantly hanging in the upper part of her extensive and impressive vocal register. All, sonically and visually, encircled by a herd of sirens. The haunting visual summates some sort of romantic swagger, warping the music into something more transcendental and confronting. Eartheater is hitting the Chinese and European roads in April and May, so we suggest you to be the first to watch her new video below and see her up front together with Eklin on the 2nd of May in our own venue, s105, in De School. Check the other tour dates here. Earth-shaking, soul-tingling.

Eartheater – Inkling