Members know best: Alex Zhang Hungtai

Subbacultcha goes way back with Alex Zhang Hungtai. Last time we spoke to him, he had just disbanded with Dirty Beaches and we thought the break-up would leave us longing for his unexampled sound. Luckily, he never really left. Albeit after a few cancellations – due to a broken arm – Alex will deliver a ravishing performance at s105.Dive into an ocean of heavy lofi acid sounds, experimental tunes and a Twin Peaks-like atmosphere.

Actually, typing in ‘Dirty Beaches’ in our Subbacultcha search engines leaves us with about 50 results. We reckon we’ve already said enough. 

Hence why we asked Subba member Derek what he thinks of Alex’ most recent album Divine Weight.

“This really reminds me of sleeping at festivals. I would really go see this, actually. I used to do power naps in between acts. When you wake up, your body permanently smelling like beer, feeling slightly overcooked by the sun, delusional and dislocated.  Then realising all your friends are gone. None of them has their phones on them. That’s what this music reminds me of: that slightly scary, yet quite liberating feeling (of freedom? Autonomy?) I can’t wait to fall asleep again with some festival nostalgia in the back of my head.”


Perhaps there’s no better way to describe Alex’s music: insomnia inspired lullabies for adults. Listen to the full album here and fall into a soft sleep, dreaming of all the upcoming summer festivals. Don’t forget to follow Derek’s advice: come and see Alex Zhang Hungtai perform on 21 March