The Void

Get Published

A cavernous expanse. A vast, turbulent space; a nebula in waiting. Waiting for what? You, of course. The Void is back.

Get featured in the latest edition of the Void, a seminal broadsheet for any flesh bag hopelessly devoted to music + art.  We’re after the finest talents – artists, photographers, wordsmiths, soundscapers, architects of the transcendental –  to contribute their creations.  

Wanna get published, but stuck in a funk? Here are some ideas: give us the poems you write at 4 am in a club toilet; disposable camera snaps from your best friend’s birthday, wonky typography you designed on a rainy day, zine pages you made at a feminist workshop, dystopian glitch art and stock image manipulation. All tiny fragments and big ideas lost behind the back of the living room sofa. Anything you believe is worthy of being immortalised in print and dispersed to our members.

Send an email to with ‘get published’ in the subject line. Deadline: Wednesday 27 February. 

❤ Subbacultcha