SEKT in 12 pictures

SEKT is all about mysterious energy and dashing drumbeats. Blurring the lines between music and performance. They prefer to be slightly hidden in mystical smoke. Yet, to get a glimpse of what SEKT really is, we asked them to share 12 pictures, all with sparkles of their personality. On top of that, we were curious about how they found each other –  mystery being their common thread.

How it all began
Stina Fors and Felicia Ljusteräng met on a date in a dirty sports bar in Amsterdam Oud-West. Stina had already fantasized about Felicia after hearing of her impressive drum skills. She decided to write a very charming message, telling Felicia she’s a rockstar and insisting they should meet up. As from then, they met up every Sunday, very hungover, sharing just one drum kit to practice. It took them months to actually start talking. And slowly but surely, along with the bounding in person, they started adding more instruments to their music: from drum machines and bass to mouth harps and dream language. The result? An avant-garde psych-chock orchestra. Bang. 

About the picture feed
“It’s all about showbiz and nonsense.”

Where to find their music
Right here.