Sounds Like

Sounds like Working Titles

Once upon a spring, in the orphic garden of De School, Working Titles got into this wave; a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings. It unintentionally soiled the base for their newest EP, ‘De Tuin’, full of nimble, ambient symphonies. We asked Robbert and Boris to curate a botanical playlist and got a glimpse of their internal heaven. Get ready to sink into a deep musical catharsis.

Robbert van der Bildt & Boris Acket

What do you do?
We make music, create A/V art/performances, DIY instruments, make films, and run labels such as Working Titles, Yield and De Lichting, together with the others.

How did you meet?
At a party in Utrecht when Robbert told Boris he wanted to sign his music for his upcoming label Yield. It never got signed.

Last movie that touched you:
BAD: Beyond the Black Rainbow: Such a terrible, bad Sci Fi movie. However, it has the most anticipating intro and supercool stylistic elements. A tip/non-tip for those who can endure it.
GOOD: The City of Lost Children: Sci Fi allure, vibe & set design on point.

BAD: Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom. It’s full of one-liners and Hollywood explosions. When I saw this movie I left the cinema extremely “high” due to the intensity.
GOOD: Killing of A Sacred Deer. I liked the acting. The story seemed a bit far fetched at first. After I checked out the background of the story the “A-ha!” appeared.

Music for cycling through the city when you’re euphoric

David Bowie – Fame

When you feel like owning the space/place, crisscross all the roads without giving a shit and get flipped off by everybody you pass with that cheeky smile on your face.

I won’t be able to top that one…

Music for a dreamy walk in nature

William Basinski – A Red Score in Tile

Repetitive, slowly developing and degrading ambient, just like nature itself.

Steve Reich –  Music for 18 musicians (the middle part)

Rhytmic & repetetive with just minor changes over time.

A track you wish you had made because it describes your exact feelings

Burial – You Hurt Me

This album really resonated with me back in 2007.

“For the ‘Wounder’ listening to ‘Pirates’ radio in the ‘Night Bus’ heading back to his or her ‘Broken Home’. ‘Gutted’, whispering a self-made ‘Prayer’ that ends with ‘U Hurt Me’. Searching for the ‘Southern Comfort’ while staring out of the window to the ‘Distant Lights’. Ring ring… ‘Spaceape’ calling. ‘Forgive’… he says.”

Jan Jelinek — Loop Finding Jazz Records

I’ll have to go with a full album. Music that massages the mind and soothes the soul. It seems like Jan Jelinek already discovered ‘ASMR’ back in 2001 ;). Ultimate ease, layering, playfulness, and timelessness.


Music that hypnotises you

Cyrus – Presence

Personally, this track is mind-bending in too many levels. 1 synth sound, 2 notes. Accompanied by delay, verb and careful, but playful dynamics. Now THAT is some serious minimal, people. A brain-implosion that sends you straight to the abyss of your inner black hole.

Brian Eno — Music for Airports

The godfather of ambient in his iconic work to battle his hate for his most hated environment: the airport. He wanted to ease the minds of travellers. Music for Airports was indeed installed at the La Guardia airport in New York, but soon after removed because it made people ‘depressed’. I don’t agree if you take your time the album eases the mind. The way it is made — out of compiled tape loops of slowed down piano pieces — also really appeals to us. Method dictating the result.

A song you hope people will still be dancing to in clubs in the future

Optic – Relic

Just wiggle, close your eyes and imagine that big pounding bass drum in your head.

Steve Tang – Potential light

Beautifully crafted, simplistic. And that FM Bell just strikes you every repetition again.

Music you would listen to if you were a robot

Commodore 64 – Karate soundtrack

Don’t underestimate the music, even though this is chiptune heavy. To give some context of how it can sound when it’s performed by humans. An absolute beauty of a music piece.

The Other People Place – Eye Contact

Robotic enough to be dancing like a robot, groovy enough to be dancing like a groovy robot.

If you’d be on a deserted island and you could only listen to one song all day, what would it be?

Brian Eno – New Space Music

Eno when you’re on your uno.

Amon Tobin – Slowly

Because this song seems to continuously resolve pain

A song you would describe eachother with

Huerco S. – A Sea of Love

He provides it and deserves it.

Vince Watson – Rendez Vous

Robbert deserves this one. Eyes wide shut, bouncing through the sunlight.

The song you want to hear at the end of the best night ever when the club is going down, the lights are on and people are still raving

St. Germain – French

Proper Detroit vibes to wrap up the night/morning glory.

The Prodigy – Skylined

So viscous yet at the same time completely emotional jumpy trance-rave music.

Working Titles play on 24 January at s105 (De School). Show free for members!