We Are Looking For A Production/Booking Intern

Subbacultcha is always looking to get people involved with the music we love. Think you have a good handle on what Subbacultcha is all about and the acts we can’t be missing? Want to be involved in bookings and handling overall production at shows? We’re looking for someone who is hands-on, ultra-organized and knows their stuff when it comes to new music. 

As a Booking and Production Intern you will be involved with shows, shows and more shows. Responsibilities include assisting with bookings, help with advancing, helping out at shows, day-to-day office tasks and being on top of local and international music scenes. We’re looking for someone who is already knee-deep in new music and knows how to keep an eye on interesting artists. Preferably someone with basic technical knowledge.

A quick run-down:

  • The internship is a part-time position for a period of at least 3 months, starting 1 February.
  • You’ll be working 3 full days a week in our spacious office at De School and help out during events (we are flexible though, so there’ll be ample room to adjust to your scheduling needs)
  • There’s lunch, fruit, coffee, beer and Fritz, plus we’ve got our own venue, s105. Exciting times : )
  • You should have acces to your own laptop and smartphone.
  • The deadline for all applications is Wednesday, 23 January.

This internship needs you to be organized and excited by the prospect of attending and helping out at shows as much as possible. Sound good? Please submit your CV with a brief selection of your favourite artists or albums of late, or acts you think we should book. Email to with the subject line ‘SubbaBooking’ before Wednesday, 23 January. ❤️