An alternative holiday playlist

It’s that time of the year again; to be drenched in a flood of romance, to sparkle and fade.  The holidays come with the coldest of nights, veiled with fairy lights and a dash of gloominess. Whether you’re celebrating the days with loved ones or all by yourself, with tons of cake and mulled wine,  a combination of all or none at all: there will always be music to keep you company. And for this playlist, we’ve decided to not make you jingle all the way. It’s created by our team – Santa came early this year. Here’s our alternative holiday playlist, for you to soak up the festive spirit. Think sleigh bells, snowstorms, jazz bars and a whole lotta love.


Sylvester – I Need Somebody To Love Tonight

Perfect soundtrack for your cosy Christmas cooking session, whilst making that one signature dish you’re gonna score points with from your family members.


Tonstartssbandht – Hymn Eola

Last year, whilst on my way home for Christmas, I was waiting for a connecting train at an overcrowded station. I hadn’t yet found my festive spirit and having to get the elbows out to low-key brawl my way onto the next train was not helping. It was then that my Spotify’s shuffle slung Hymn Eola into my headphones and a contented calm came over me. I sunk into its heavenly reverbed choral vocals, happy to be going home and finally feeling Christmas-y.


Anika – In the City

Christmas, to me, brings a lot of joyful moments, but it also inevitably brings in a certain feeling of nostalgia. I’ve been listening to this track quite a lot lately, and I think it definitely fits both!


Alice Coltrane – Turiya & Ramakrishna

I’m not a big lover of the holiday season; most of my family lives abroad, so it kinda makes me miss them. However, I love to make the holidays as cosy as possible. This soothing sound has sleigh bells in the background and the allure of a cosy jazz bar. You can sense the warmth in the very slow BPM. The sound tastes a bit like mulled wine.


Nils Frahm – Re

The video clip always makes me dream away, calms me down – exactly what’s so nice about the holidays. Oh, and there’s a reindeer in the video clip, sort of Christmass-y.


New Order – Sooner Than You Think

At first, I selected another song. Then Robert told me that the December holidays were basically invented to get people through the cold, dark days – making use of lights, warmth and spending time together. I recently fell in love with this song, and I guess it might succeed in guiding me through the cold days. (Bonus: comment by “Alex Felix” underneath the YouTube video: “This sounds like something straight out of RuneScape”).


Sean Nicholas Savage – Darkness

No words needed for this one.


Devon Welsh – Go Go

I can imagine listening to this on my way to Friesland.


Demis Roussos – It’s Five O’Clock

About the passing of time… the passing of time…


Darlene Love – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

My favourite of the Phil Spector Christmas Album A Christmas Gift For You. The way she screams those last Baby Please Come Home’s always brings shivers down my spine.


Slade – Merry Christmas Everybody + Jona Lewie – Stop The Cavalry

I know we are not doing the Christmas thing anymore, but I just love these two so much

Warmest thoughts and best wishes,