In the limelight

In the limelight: Yael Malka

Yael Malka is one of our beloved Subbacultcha photographers, based in New York. Her pictures are relentlessly captivating, bursting with this vigorous, yet silky aura. Hence why we felt like bringing a soft tribute to this outspoken talent from across the ocean. Always been curious about the faces behind the art and photography in our magazine? If so, we got you covered. Fuel your curiosity for visuals right here, in this series were we place fresh talent in the limelight.

Yael has already photographed a couple of  artists for us, think of: Deli Girls, Eartheather and Chynna. As she depicts the crème de la crème of the shoot, she somehow subconsciously manages to let the pictures blend perfectly with the personality of the artist – which is gently unveiled through the interview. When we get a glimpse of her online portfolio, we see sunlit visuals –  slightly raw, and a bit sandy.  But overall, forceful and fierce, whilst loaded with a softness that looks like someone has put lip balm on them– a gentle, yet strong framing of the artist through her mesmerizing lens.

Let’s float into some of her most outstanding shots for Subbacultcha over the past few months: